It's time.


First, I’d like to say it’s a pleasure to have you here.

I decided to create that blog because I love my job, I learn from other people achievements reading on the web, I like to write and I feel it’s important to me to share as well. Going further, it’s also because I want to organize my thinking about the subjects I will introduce here, as put in The Pyramid Principle (which I didn’t read yet but know enough to quote it):

Formally separating the thinking process from the writing process, so that you can complete your thinking before you begin to write.

This is not my first attempt at writing. I already published articles on Medium and the awesome Interrupt blog as a guest writer. Here are some of them:

Let’s go.

I’ve chosen to start that freelancing adventure to always learn more about how technologies work. I want my schedule to be divided with customer projects (most of my time) and my own projects, with blogging as an activity.

Finally, freelancing is for me a way to handle customers, projects, paperwork, etc. The final goal is to launch a company in the next few years. I am particularly interested in building products for agriculture but any hardware-related project is good to hear. I also have a strong interest in distributed technologies (DLT, DeFi).

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See you soon!

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