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My recipe for versioning automation.

Use Makefile and scripts to generate new firmware version efficiently.

Connect devices to blockchains with Lรฉger.

Lรฉger is a Rust library I am developing to make it easier for Firmware devs to connect devices to Blockchains.

You should use static assertions.

Static assertions are a powerful way to break things fast.

Continuous Delivery for Firmware updates.

Building and releasing Firmware to the customer is easy when you use the right tools.

Boost your beautiful log messages with instant crash analysis.

A stack trace for embedded software. Get all the information you need to debug firmware crashes right into your logs, in a few easy steps.

Plot graphs from GDB with gdbunble-plot.

Boost GDB with an easy-to-install plugin that will allow you to plot variables into graphs from GDB's command-line.

Panicking, the correct way.

Making use of the Rust panic handler on any embedded target. Learn how to define a panic behavior in Rust.

If you want to know more about blockchains, build one.

Learning by doing. Why did I choose the Substrate framework to learn more about blockchain technologies?

My uniqueness in the Internet of Things playground.

Discover all the technical fields behind the Internet of Things. What do I know? What do I want to know? Interact with the graph to make it your own.

Project management using Notion.

Find out how I am using Notion to automate the creation of quotations and invoices while having a full-fledged project management tool.

It's time.

An introductory post.